Mastihari Beach

Image #5 “Sundown” After a long relaxing day spent on the beach, all is peaceful here as everyone is getting ready for the night ahead.

Image #6 “Waters-edge” The beach offers soft golden sand to take a stroll on. This is particularly refreshing on a hot day along the waters edge.

Image #7 “Sunbeds” Unlike many other places, here there are plenty of sunbeds to go round. No need to get up early to “bag” your’s, this certainly helps to give you a relaxing holiday !

Image #8 ” Shelter” During the heat of the day, the trees offer shade. These are our favourite spots to occupy !

Image #9 “Dunes” More than half of the beach is unoccupied and fringed with sand dunes. If you want to get away from the “crowds”, this is the place to go.

Image #10 “Glow” The evenings in Mastihari are warm and inviting. This image was shot shortly before sunset which has produced a lovely soft glow over the village.

Image #11 “Shadows” Taking the horses for a canter can often be seen in the early evening.

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